Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

point blank

Point Blank Indonesia is a tactical war game (tactical first-person shooter - FPS) developed by Zepetto and published by NCsoft. Released in South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Russia. In Indonesia, published by PT. Kreon and Zepetto address at the 16th floor - Tower of Social Security - South Jakarta - Indonesia, in 
cooperation with Gemscool. Similar to other tactical gem. Gem Gem is not a war between the ship as the USS Rhode Island (BB-17) as warships from the Virginia-class Battleship type owned by the United States Navy. This gem is a war of individuals or groups. This game must be downloaded for free at the website Indonesia Point Blank, and then installed in the computer itself. After that get ready to see exciting adventures in battle.

Hide Toolz and download download the Moonlight Engine (use this keywords in google), it will display a web-web-file providers such
But BE CAREFUL ...Sometimes its file mock lhoAliases can not be used
or visit the website below for more details:
Source: / hide_toolz / blogs.htmpb.gemscool.comwiki bahasaPoint Blank bp Indonesia

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